Recommended Stream Settings

Resolution: 720p

Bitrate: 4,500 Kbps

Frame rate: 30 FPS

These settings will work for most use cases, internet connections, and computers. OBS, Ecamm, Xsplit, Streamlabs and more can all easily handle these settings.

If instead you'd like to push the envelope, just be sure to adhere to the max settings listed below.

Max Stream Settings

Resolution: 1080p/2K or smaller.

Video up to 2048x2048 is permitted, including 1080p (1920x1080) video. Video larger than this is considered non-standard.

Bitrate: 8Mbps or below.

While Mux accepts high bitrate inputs, bitrates higher than 8Mbps are generally challenging for most viewer's connections, and need to be compressed for streaming.

Frame rate: between 10 and 120.

Video with average frames per second (fps) less than 10 or greater than 120 is considered non-standard. Video framerates within this range will be preserved. Video with less than 10 fps or greater than 120 fps will be normalized to 30 fps.

Video Codec: H.264

H.264 is the dominant video codec in use today and almost every device supports H.264.

Audio Codec: AAC

AAC is the dominant audio codec in use today and almost every device supports this audio codec.

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