Do you own my recordings?

No, we do not own your recordings. You do.

Then why do I need to pay you for viewers after the live stream?

When purchasing credits, we indicate that you need to think of and include the people that might watch your video after the live stream is over. If you choose to embed the recording into your website afterwards - these viewers also require bandwidth to stream the recording.

Paying to include viewers for Video on Demand is because every time a person watches that video we still have to incur CDN and bandwidth costs to deliver it.

Viewers watching after the live stream still take the exact same amount of bandwidth as the people that watched it live.

If your stream totals 2,000 MB ( 2GB ) of video, 1 viewer will take 2GB of bandwidth. Every viewer after that multiplies the bandwidth. If 500 people watch your live stream, and then 500 more people watch it after the stream is over - that still costs 2,000 GB of bandwidth - or 2 Terabytes.

The credits needed for the VOD have nothing to do with ownership, but are simply covering the cost of the bandwidth.

Then why is YouTube & Facebook FREE?

When you use something like YouTube, they're absorbing all of those costs because you are the product. YouTube & Facebook make their money off the people using the platform. The data they collect, the ads they show, etc. They absorb the cost of the live streaming, hosting, bandwidth and everything else so they can show you ads.

We don't. MightStream is clean, ad-free, has no branding, and more. This also means we have to charge for the costs we incur for the service.

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